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Letting out a lengthy yawn,

Just before the break of dawn.

After a busy night of play,

Time to snooze the day away.

A quick bath, licking paws,

Taking time to trim the claws.

Finding a blanket in which to wrap,

Time to take another catnap.


A familiar sound from the kitchen does come,

As the can opener begins to hum.

Stretching the nose to glean a whiff,

Time to get up for a detailed sniff.

Leaping quickly off the bed,

Knowing it's time to be fed.

Leaving behind not a single scrap,

Time to take another catnap.


Contently sitting, licking chops,

From the window watching raindrops.

Outside, it's dark and dreary,

Inside it's warm and cheery.

Needing to feel safe and snug,

Deciding it's time to get a hug.

Seeking out a familiar lap,

Time to take another catnap.


Crawling out of a nice warm sack,

Time to grab a little snack.

Eating dry food at first,

Working up a terrible thirst.

Leaping up on the sink,

Teetering for balance on the brink.

After a quick drink from the tap,

Time to take another catnap.


Just about this time each day,

Feeling frisky, time to play.

Ignoring toys with all the fluff,

Don't like all that store bought stuff.

A piece of paper, or rubber ball,

Something to chase on down the hall.

Hiding the toy with a little paw slap,

Time to take another catnap.


Tis the life of a domestic cat,

Being lazy and getting fat.

Getting into things, requiring admonition,

Giving love, without condition.

Gently stroking thick soft fur,

Letting out a contented purr.

Forgiven any minor mishap,

Time to take another catnap.

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