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Missing You


As we journey down our road,

We each carry our own load.

But when the load's too hard to bear,

We seek out someone with which to share.

Sharing the secrets of the soul,

Each others sadness we would console.

A friend met out of the blue,

Today I sit here missing you.


Never feeling the need to please,

Together we are well at ease.

For words we need never sought,

Knowing what the other thought.

Trusting in the hands of fate,

I feel you are my kindred mate.

From the start I somehow knew,

I'd sit here missing you.


As each month would fly on by,

We'd let out another sigh.

For many things we'd yet to do,

Side by side, just me and you.

One by one we'd knock them off,

Never once did I hear you scoff.

Recalling projects we got through,

As I sit here, missing you.


In simple ways we did have fun,

Chatting in the summer sun.

Often we would spend our time,

Engaging in a game of rhyme.

While working on linguistic form,

We'd revel in a passing storm.

Taking in each day anew,

Today I sit here, missing you.


And as your health began to fade,

Never once were you afraid.

Already having made your peace,

Welcoming your final release.

As you laid there in your bed,

Dreams were running through your head.

Privately doing a life review,

I sat by your side, missing you.


Our time together, although brief,

Still leaves me feeling intense grief.

Sitting quietly, I say your name,

Knowing I'll never be the same.

Our journey, having met its end,

My heart, someday, will surely mend.

Although I've bid you fond adieu,

I still sit here, missing you.

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