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Mother’s Day


Growing up, always on my mind,

Destined not to be intertwined.

Being raised by another,

Unable am I to call you mother.

For a brief time we had met,

Our time together I do not regret.

Our paths having gone separate ways,

Thinking of you on Mother’s Day.


Growing up, we would always fight,

Like cats and dogs, day and night.

Not always seeing eye to eye,

Your love for me I cannot deny.

Wanting for me only the best,

In retrospect, I can now attest.

Physically gone, but never far away,

Thinking of you on Mother’s Day.


Grown up, and on my own,

With you in my heart, I am never alone.

To each of you I owe a debt,

Your influence I will not forget.

While no longer seeing your smiling face,

The lessons you taught I do embrace.

Giving pause this Sunday in May,

Thinking of you on Mother’s Day.

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