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The Reflection Tree



Roots spreading, tree growing,

Within the wind leaves blowing.

Troubled heart, troubled mind,

Needing to escape the same old grind.

Wandering through nature, which seems so pristine,

Searching for a spot where you won't be seen.

Coming together near the banks of the sea,

Seeking refuge under the reflection tree.


Leaning against its sturdy bark,

Seeing only your own footmarks.

No one has been here, of this you are sure,

Adding to its already mystic allure.

Contentedly watching a flock of geese,

By communing with nature you find inner peace.

Crouching down letting thoughts run free,

Seeking refuge under the reflection tree.


To this place you are often drawn,

Enjoying the spectacular views at dawn.

As often as possible you slip away,

Wishing forever right here you could stay.

Its natural beauty you often crave,

As you watch sunbeams dance on the wave.

From the harshness of life you temporarily flee,

Seeking refuge under the reflection tree.


Under the tree you have often sat,

Especially after a spousal spat.

Your thoughts you slowly begin to collect,

Allowing an opportunity to introspect.

Within yourself you can be sincere,

Allowing the situation to seem more clear.

Finding a new sense of stability,

Seeking refuge under the reflection tree.


Time after time you have returned,

In solitude many lessons you've learned.

Both you and the tree cannot be deterred,

As over time you have both matured.

Knowing your growth is not based on a whim,

Growing and learning like a tree sprouts a limb.

Growing in a place which provides security,

Seeking refuge under the reflection tree.


With no one else do you share this place,

Its natural beauty you don't want to deface.

No matter the seasonal time of year,

Its peacefulness you always revere.

This space you treat with a certain respect,

Knowing it provides a safe place to reflect.

Its continued safety you oversee,

Seeking refuge under the reflection tree.

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