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To Those Who Would Not Hear



Tall ships sailing in all their majesty,

A sight to behold, in all honesty.

Celebrating the spirit of seventy six,

People from all nations freely intermix.

During that time a silent killer slept,

This silent killer, no one could expect.

Spreading ever farther, year by year,

Thanks in part to those who would not hear.


As the first few cases trickle in,

Exotic diseases make doctors heads spin.

Traditional treatments do not work,

Alternate treatments fail like clockwork.

To unknown causes they do succumb,

Leaving physicians dumbfounded and numb.

Reporting to superiors as more cases appear,

Superiors, at best, lend a deaf ear.


The disease itself finally has a name,

AIDS, the silent killers claim to fame.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome,

Something talked about in every home.

Most people, feeling falsely secure,

They won't get it, of this they are sure.

Feeling safe, free and clear,

The true facts they refuse to hear.


As the killer spreads at epidemic proportion,

The real issues become filled with distortion.

For those who had no comprehension,

This was some sort of divine intervention.

Passing judgment on those facing mortality,

By interjecting their twisted sense of morality.

Deserving to die because they are queer,

Religious bigots, Gods word they refuse to hear.


As the disease slowly becomes full blown,

The greatest fear is to die all alone.

Families turn their back on their own,

Parents, their own child, they disown.

Forced into facing two separate deaths,

Socially isolated, while drawing final breaths.

Holding tight to friends that draw near,

Sharing final moments with friends sincere.


Homophobia, a social disease,

Makes many feel very ill at ease.

Hiding deep in the shadows of local bars,

Are those who leave physical and emotional scars.

Police, who are sworn to uphold the peace,

Tend to show up whenever they please.

The message was understood to be quite clear,

It was open season on anyone thought to be queer.


It is finally found to be in the blood,

Panic spreads almost like a flood.

Giving blood seemed a heterosexual thing,

Now heterosexuals were feeling the sting.

For years there were those who tried to forewarn,

That this virus was truly blood borne.

Those who were content to sit by and sneer,

Now found themselves facing a new frontier.


Suddenly those who never dreamt they would die,

Began a new and loud social outcry.

Realizing now this cannot go on,

Demanding the government study this phenomenon.

Demanding that more federal dollars be spent,

For research to save those who are innocent.

Waiting for some magical cure to appear,

The deaf were now beginning to hear.


AIDS for too long was left to spread out of control,

Leaving human remains buried in countless knolls.

No longer is it a question of morals,

No longer will people rest on their laurels.

Now that this disease has touched you too,

Some understanding you want me to give you.

But, before you ask me to shed a tear,

Ask yourself, were you one who would not hear?

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