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Twilights Last Gleam



As a feeling of sleepiness fills your head,

It's time to drag your body to bed.

As soon as your head hits the pillow,

You begin to feel very mellow.

You feel yourself drift off to sleep,

Into a darkness infinitely deep.

Then like magic you begin to dream,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


As you pass through the dream stage,

From your body you disengage.

Your heart rate begins to slow,

As breathing becomes more shallow.

Respiration continually drops,

Until your heart suddenly stops.

Your body has lost all of its steam,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


The weight of your body you no longer tote,

Above your body you feel yourself float.

To orient yourself you look all around,

Seeing your body as you look down.

Surprisingly enough you feel no fear,

Wondering where you'll go from here.

Floating through the darkness you see a faint beam,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


Towards the light you feel drawn,

As entrancing as headlights are to a fawn.

Within its path you feel you are thrust,

Following along is an act of blind trust.

All control you gladly concede,

Moving along at godspeed.

Flowing along the bright white stream,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


A whiteness more brilliant than a snow white dove,

Surrounds you with feelings of purest love.

Your total being feels complete,

At no other time experiencing anything so sweet.

Total completeness mortals can't comprehend,

Feeling yourself continuing to ascend.

Continuing on to meet a being supreme,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


But just as you're ready to meet the divine,

You're suddenly prevented from crossing the line.

You're met by a person that perhaps you know,

Enveloped in the bright lights glow.

They're there to tell you it's not yet your time,

That you've still much to do while still in your prime.

Permitted only to the outer extreme,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


At first your leaving you try to resist,

For in no other place would you want to exist.

But your guide is still acting as a blockade,

Leaving you feeling very dismayed.

Beginning the long journey back,

Falling into your body with a healthy smack.

Returning back to your earthly regime,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


Once back in your body you re-awake,

Sitting up with a bolt your body does shake.

You feel your heart pounding, deep in your chest,

What has just happened you try to digest.

Your heart starts returning to its normal beat,

Remembering your experience is bittersweet.

Realizing that nothing is as it seems,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.


Knowing forever your life has changed,

Priorities in life become rearranged.

From the material world you begin to retreat,

Paying more attention to the people you meet.

Facing the future without any fear,

Knowing you have the strength to persevere.

Realizing you're part of a grander scheme,

Passing through the twilights last gleam.

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