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Adoption Issues

Nationwide Adoption Initiatives:


Until very recently, there were only nine states that allowed open     access to adoption records for adult adoptees.


New York is now number ten!

NY State Seal.jpg

The New York State Legislature recently overwhelmingly passed the Adoptee's Bill of Rights, which will finally allow any adoptee who was adopted in New York State to receive a certified copy of their Original Birth Certificate.

Since Governor Cuomo signed this historic bill into law, I am looking forward to finally receiving a copy of my own Original Birth Certificate.

An Open Letter

This letter was written by a fellow adult adoptee named Lillie. It is an open letter to adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, and anyone who has ever thought of adopting a child.


While this letter is meant for adoptive parents, it is an eye opening, brutally honest description of what it means to be adopted – from the standpoint of being the adoptee. I know that I, as an adult adoptee, finally found the words to explain what it means to be adopted when I first read this letter.


Adoption & Genealogy at first glance seem to be a matter of oil and water. But they don't have to be.  Check out my previously published article from Yahoo!

Paying  for the Sins of Georgia Tann

Birth certificates. We all have one. But have you ever really looked closely at the information that is written on it? Is all of the information on it correct and complete?  Are all of the appropriate boxes checked with the correct information? How do you know?

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