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Coming Out


There comes a time at a certain age,

When I started to feel stuck in a cage.

Realizing I was not the same,

When it came to the dating game.

Try as I may, try as I might,

I couldn’t keep girls out of my sight.

There is no gay person who is without,

Their own story of coming out.


Born at the end of the baby boom,

I was really late to bloom.

Clueless about the same sex dating option,

I blamed everything on my adoption.

Until in my twenties when I met my first ex,

I didn’t understand the fixation on sex.

When your whole world seems in doubt,

Telling a story of coming out.

Deciding to finally tell a few friends,

Not all revelations meet with good ends.

Some step back with a glaring glance,

Seeing this somehow as a sexual advance.

When some told me this was just a phase,

I could feel my eyes begin to glaze.

A few stood by me, always devout,

Telling a story of coming out.


With long time friends quickly deserting,

Telling family seems disconcerting.

Wanting to keep things on the Q.T.

Family members seem to disagree.

Deciding to confront my greatest fears,

They tell me that they’ve known for years.

You’d think they could have given a shout,

Telling a story of coming out.


It’s funny that I don’t find it strange,

As time moves on, things don’t change.

In telling others I still muse,

That it comes with mixed reviews.

The only ones that get under my skin,

Are those who preach I am living in sin.

Sinners themselves, God’s will they dare spout,

Telling a story of coming out.


So where do I go from here?

Gayly forward, without fear.

Living life, day by day,

Never ashamed of being gay.

Not really caring who it offends,

Secure am I with family and friends.

Being true to myself is what it’s about,

Telling a story of coming out.

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