Story Time

Welcome to story time. Here, over time,  you will find a variety of short stories that are either fiction or non-fiction in nature.  Many of these stories have an adoption theme which explores being adopted from an adoptee's viewpoint. Those not dealing with adoption deal with family dynamics and friendships that occur in our daily life experiences. 

The Birthday Present

            May 8, 1971, was my eighth birthday.  Birthdays were never a big thing for me.  I would always be asked by my mother what I wanted for my birthday and my usual response was the latest cool toy.  However, I was always disappointed because my mother always bought me either clothes or a new doll.  I never did understand why she asked me every year what I wanted when she was only going to buy me what she wanted anyway.  This year when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I said I wanted a new bike.  A blue Schwinn bike to be exact.  But I didn’t expect I would actually get one.  I figured that this birthday wouldn’t be any different than past birthdays and I would probably end up with some dress I would never want to wear or yet another doll I would never play with.