Welcome to my little corner of the world.  There are many things to explore on this site - new poetry and stories in the poetry corner and what is new and upcoming right here on the main page just to mention a few things.  Have fun exploring and I will have fun updating and adding things as often as possible.


My second full length book of poetry, Shadowlands, is due out in print and in ebook format in mid 2020.  Following in the style of The Reflection Tree, Shadowlands uses mostly a ballad form of poetry to delve into a variety of topics from a mystical and philosophical viewpoint.  With its main focus on family dynamics from a pagan perspective and being gay in a straight world, Shadowlands ponders the underlying thoughts of predestination and fate in a pursuit of what it means to be a family.  In addition, other poems delve into metaphysical issues such as near death experiences, spiritual issues, and exploring how we fit into the world and the universe.

Other Books

The Reflection Tree is a unique work of poetry which explores a wide variety of social and personal issues. Mostly written in ballad form, with a very tight rhyming scheme, The Reflection Tree tells a story with each poem. These stories address personal and social issues from a personal (Thoughts) and often philosophical perspective (Freedom's Quest) and touch on a wide variety of topics, such as family dynamics (Control Freak, The Long Goodbye); adoption (Melancholy Home, Nobody's Child); and just everyday experiences with a funny twist (Acquisions, Catnap).

All roads lead to Syracuse in the historically based short stories of Harry the Hobo, Independence Day, The Book of Ruth, and Percy's Thunder. While all the stories are based some time in history, the issues that are faced by our heroines are issues that many women still face in modern times.

Two epic poems are also included in this work that address the social issues of both being gay in a straight society and being adopted in a system of closed adoptions. Uncommon Bond is the story of one person's personal journey of being adopted and the long journey of finding their birth family. On Being Gay is a commentary on the Gay Communities struggle to find equality under the law, especially with the recent Supreme Court challenges.


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