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My second full length book of poetry, Shadowlands, is due out in ebook format in the fall of 2021.  Following in the style of The Reflection Tree, Shadowlands uses mostly a ballad form of poetry to delve into a variety of topics from a mystical and philosophical viewpoint.  With its main focus on family dynamics from a pagan perspective and being gay in a straight world, Shadowlands ponders the underlying thoughts of predestination and fate in a pursuit of what it means to be a family.  In addition, other poems delve into metaphysical issues such as near death experiences, spiritual issues, and exploring how we fit into the world and the universe.

Other Books

Coming in the Summer of 2022


     It's 1978, the year of three popes, and Cardinal Joshua Argus has his eye on becoming the next pope at any cost. To achieve his goal, he must do two things: make sure there is an opening for the position that he wants and to clean up his past to avoid a scandalous ascension to the papacy.

     Standing in his way is a young rookie detective for the Syracuse Police Department named Kathryn Krol. Kathryn is partnered with a seasoned veteran detective named Angelo Marcello. Weary of having a female partner, Angelo reluctantly shows her the ropes of being a detective. When she shares with him a recurring dream of a nun being murdered crucifixion style, he starts to seriously doubt if she is cut out to be a detective. That is until they are assigned a murder case that matches her dream in every detail.  As they continue their investigation, they realize that the Cardinal is connected to the murder spree that spans across New York State. But with the Cardinal now safely in Rome and beyond New York law, will they be able to stop him before he commits the ultimate murder from within the Vatican?


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