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Welcome to my little corner of the world.  There are many things to explore on this site - new poetry and stories in the poetry corner and what is new and upcoming right here on the main page just to mention a few things.  Have fun exploring and I will have fun updating and adding things as often as possible.

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A Moment in Time a Book of Adoption Related Poetry

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Imagine if you could trace your beginnings to a specific moment in time. If that specific moment had never happened, your existence – and everything and everybody you have influenced – would never have happened.  “A Moment in Time” is a poetic journey into the world of adult adoptee  A J Bialo and her firsthand experience of being adopted. 


A J focuses on many topics that adoptees, including herself,  have experienced as a result of being adopted.  Some of these topics include abandonment and relationship issues; feelings of not belonging and being the outsider always looking in; pondering what our lives would have been like if we had not been adopted; and the considerations and road blocks that must be confronted when thinking about searching for biological family.


While “A Moment in Time” is designed to reach the millions of adoptees in the United States, it is also meant for all readers, adopted or not, to better understand the adoptee journey through this insightful and intense collection of poetry.

Coming Soon

The Book of Ruth a Full Length Adoptee Murder Mystery

It’s 1978, the year of three popes, and Cardinal
Joshua Argus has his eye on becoming the next pope
at any cost. To achieve his goal he must do two
things: make sure there is an opening for the
position that he wants and to clean up his past to
avoid a scandalous ascension to the papacy.


Standing in his way is a young recently promoted
detective for the Syracuse Police Department named
Kathryn Krol.  Kathryn is partnered with a
veteran detective named Angelo Marcello. Weary of having a female partner, Angelo reluctantly shows her the ropes of being a detective.


However, when Kathryn shares with him a recurring
dream that she has been experiencing of a nun being murdered crucifixion style, he starts to wonder if she is cut out to be a detective. That is until they are assigned a murder case that matches her dream in every detail.


As they continue their investigation, they realize that
Cardinal Argus is connected to the murder spree that has spanned across New York State.  But with the Cardinal now safely in Rome and beyond New York law, will they be able to stop him before he commits the ultimate murder from within the Vatican?



If you have any questions or comments about the site, please feel free to contact A J Bialo by clicking on the email icon.

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